Number & Type of Fleet

A logistics company’s fleet is of utmost importance. SML has access to an excess of 250 trucks and trailers. The fleet can grow depending on needs of clients by incorporating partner company’s trucks and trailers.

The diversity in transportation trucks and trailers enable SML to be versatile in what they can carry and transport based on the clients needs and preference. The distance is never an issue, the main aim is to make sure that the responsibility is fulfilled.

This number has grown over the last 10 years. The policy of rotating the trucks every 5 years for newer and better ones makes SML one of the safest on the roads. This policy’s economic aspect is that fewer resources go to maintenance and repairs.

Work force (Drivers, Mechanics, Lashers and TonBoys)

With a larger fleet comes the need of hands. Our staff numbering 400, have been dedicated to their various subsidiaries where they are contracted. Expansion is imminent as can be seen from the growth and development of the four subsidiaries.

SML employs over 60 drivers and a complementary number of TonBoys who assist the drivers to load, offload, direction when maneuvering their trucks. Additional to them, there is a need to mechanics who keep the trucks in pristine condition, ready to do long hauls at a drop of a hat. SML has 15 mechanics on site and another 5 mechanics that are mobile and placed in regional hubs. The need for lashers has decreased in the last 2 years because drivers and tonboys have been able to master the techniques. SML has hence held in-service trainings by the lashers to impart their know-how to the drivers.

Over the years we have amassed experience in Customs Clearing and moving different types of cargo within East and part of Central Africa.[ Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and South Sudan].

A dedicated team

The Group has a management team from diverse cultures and backgrounds and has managed to harness exceptional talents together thus forming a strong team. The company is supported by a dedicated workforce of 400 employees. We believe we have the best team for the job as seen by our reputation and growth over the years.

“Swift Motors services are consistent, competitively priced, and their team is easy to work with. We have manyLogistics providers to choose from, but we will keep sending our freight to Motors.”

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

In-service Training

There is always a need to train and refresh the training of all human resource. In-service training is the best option, where external facilitators come and build capacity. Whether it be the drivers or the mechanics, all have equal participation rights so that their skills are not stagnating.

Roads Covered

SML is located and operates from Dar es Salaam Tanzania, which is considered to be one of the largest ports that service the other land locked countries that it shares boundaries with. Zambia and Zimbabwe being the key ones, and the Democratic Republic of Congo has taken a front seat recently. Rwanda and Burundi are using the Tanga port as it is closer than Dar es Salaam port for their needs.

SML trucks have been everywhere, through all terrain. There cannot be a road that hasn’t seen the wheels of an SML truck.


All SML trucks are low jacked with a tracking system that can be monitored from headquarters giving them a competitive advantage over other fleets. This is an added security feature that helps management to know where the driver has stopped, duration and also the overall status of the goods and the truck itself.

Whatever it is that needs moving is harnessed and then covered with precision.


With SML it’s always a smooth ride having had so much experience in the industry and coming across different hurdles, yet there are always new challenges that arise, and these ones are being looked at and solved with utmost efficiency. Challenges take time and that is the commodity that we offer inclusive of the logistics. We know that the clients time is worth a lot, and hence we see challenges as a growth opportunity.

Efficiency and reliability are part of our key areas of focus.